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Kevin McAllister

The last 5 years he has focused on commodities and international trade. McAllister has deep experience working with fuel, minerals, and consumables. He has expertise in many of the areas necessary to take an opportunity from beginning to successful conclusion.

His 30 plus years of experience spans a wide variety of roles throughoutthe technology and manufacturing sectors in Silicon Valley and NewYork. He started McAllister Consulting to create proprietaryintellectual property in addition to partnering with other IP ownersand creators to develop innovative new products and businesssolutions for a diverse set of industries. Mr. McAllister’sextensive leadership and management expertise: multi-million dollarcapital raises, product development, business development,intellectual property consulting, and logistics.

Alastair Onglingswan
Partner/In-House Counsel

Alastair has experience with oil and gas transactions as he has acted as escrow agent and refinery paymaster for three years.

As a corporate attorney, he practiced structured finance at the law firm of Brown and Wood, LLP, which was eventually merged with Sidley Austin, one of the top five law firms in the world. His clients ranged from investment banks, companies, rating agencies, wrap insurers and servicers. As an associate, he was tasked with closing over $2 billion in transactions per month with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Alastair graduated from Fordham Law School and was the Articles Editor with the Fordham Environmental Law Journal and was a member of the Moot Court Society.

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